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Certified Weed-Free Forage and Gravel

The Kenai SWCD is the local coordinator for the Weed-Free Forage and Weed-Free Gravel Certification programs, statewide programs that strive to reduce the transport and dispersal of invasive plants within Alaska’s landscape.

What is an invasive plant?  Invasive plants are non-native species that spread rapidly and have negative impacts on fish, wildlife, agriculture or human health.


Why buy Certified Weed-Free Hay / Forage?  Choosing Certified Weed-Free Forage & Straw for bedding, mulch and animal feed avoids the potential for introducing invasive plants into sensitive or pristine areas.  Kenai National Wildlife Refuge encourages horse-owners to use weed-free feed when in the Refuge.  Typical buyers include:

  • Landowners and livestock managers who want to avoid introducing new weeds;
  • Dog mushers or people traveling into the backcountry with pack animals; and
  • Conservation organizations who use mulch for streambank stabilization and erosion control.

Where to find Certified Weed-Free Hay / Forage on the Kenai Peninsula

Kenai Peninsula hay producers can be found in the fully searchable Alaska Grown Source Book. Contact a producer and ask them if they have been Certified Weed-Free.


Why Weed-Free Gravel? In order to ensure the prevention of harmful invasive plant life we must be mindful of the materials we are using and transporting.

In 2014 The Kenai National Wildlife Refuge began requiring construction projects within Refuge boundaries to use only certified weed-free gravel to prevent the introduction of invasive weeds and protect natural habitat. This is a practice the entire Peninsula would benefit from, both on public and private lands. The Peninsula is in a high level of development, with construction season matching closely with a fast and prolific growing season. Having trained watchful eyes inspecting gravel and material sites for invasive plants is vital to habitat and local plant life protection. Getting Certified is simple and affordable. The power to make change and ensure your property remains as you wish is in choosing the material you bring on site. 

To fill out an application as a material site or supplier please use the attached link. For any questions please feel free to call or email Kenai Soil and Water Conservation District at [email protected] or 907-741-7923.