Certified Weed-Free Forage and Gravel

The Kenai SWCD is the local coordinator for the Weed-Free Forage and Weed-Free Gravel Certification programs, statewide programs that strive to reduce the transport and dispersal of invasive plants within Alaska’s landscape.

What is an invasive plant?  Invasive plants are non-native species that spread rapidly and have negative impacts on fish, wildlife, agriculture or human health.

Why buy Certified Weed-Free Hay / Forage?  Choosing Certified Weed-Free Forage & Straw for bedding, mulch and animal feed avoids the potential for introducing invasive plants into sensitive or pristine areas.  Kenai National Wildlife Refuge encourages horse-owners to use weed-free feed when in the Refuge.  Typical buyers include:

  • Landowners and livestock managers who want to avoid introducing new weeds;
  • Dog mushers or people traveling into the backcountry with pack animals; and
  • Conservation organizations who use mulch for streambank stabilization and erosion control.

Where to find Certified Weed-Free Hay / Forage on the Kenai Peninsula  The following producers were certified in 2014:

  • Andy and Katie Matthews, Ninilchik, 398-4207
  • Lancashire Farms, Soldotna, 394-3448
  • McElroy Farm, Kasilof
  • Seiner Place Farm, Kasilof
  • Second Wind Farm, Kasilof, 262-9671
  • Tullos’ Funny Farm, Funny River, 262-4939

Other Kenai Peninsula hay producers can be found in the fully searchable Alaska Grown Source Book.

Why Weed-Free Gravel?  Starting in 2014, Kenai National Wildlife Refuge starting requiring construction projects within Refuge boundaries to use only certified weed-free gravel to prevent the introduction of invasive weeds and protect natural habitat.

The Kenai SWCD is a partner of the Kenai Peninsula Cooperative Weed Management Area.  For an overview of efforts to control invasive plants on the Kenai Peninsula, see: Refuge Notebook: Brush the Invaders Off Your Boots.  To learn more about invasive plants of concern in Alaska, click here.