Small Equipment & Hand Tools


Our broadfork was hand-made by Thomas Hart in Fairbanks. Deeply aerates while preserving soil structure and minimizing weed seed surfacing. 20″ wide.

Rental Rate: $10/day, $5/each additional day

Broadcast Spreader

Adjusts to sow any kind of grass, cover crop or grain seeds. Comes with heavy-duty rain cover for use in inclement weather.  25 lbs. capacity.

Rental Rate: $10/day, $5/each additional day

Backpack Sprayers (2)

One sprayer is designated for herbicides and pesticides only.  The other is for liquid fertilizer.  5-gallon capacity.

Rental Rate: $10/day, $5/each additional day

Tow-Behind Sprayer

John Deere 45-gallon sprayer is designed for use on smooth, level ground only. (On rough ground, you’ll get an uneven spray pattern and/or break the sprayer arms.) Requires an ATV or small tractor with 12V power outlet to run the pump. Rental Rate: $30/day.

Chicken Plucker/Scalder $50 per day

Post Driver, Gas Powered-$125 Per Day

To make a reservation, call Kenai Feed at (907) 283-1929.

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